Spring Lake Tahoe Wedding // Rachelle & Jermaine


A snowy Lake Tahoe wedding is in the books! Who said you have to get married in the winter to have snowy wedding photos? Rachelle and Jermaine wanted to have a spring wedding at one of the most beautiful places in California. And as much as I love warm, sunny weddings, snowy spring ones are just as magical. Keep reading to hear all about their Lake Tahoe wedding!

Rachelle & Jermaine’s Lake Tahoe wedding

So… we seriously wouldn’t have guessed that snow would make an appearance at their Lake Tahoe wedding in April. But here we are! Leading up to their wedding, there was an unexpected snow storm that ran through Lake Tahoe. Rachelle reached out to me and was rightfully concerned about how it would affect her and Jermaine’s big day. But as an experienced wedding photographer, I knew it wasn’t going to be anything to worry about! I’ve dealt with tons of situations like these, and every time it works out better than we could have hoped for. So I reassured her that her wedding was going to be beautiful no matter what, because Lake Tahoe is just gorgeous!

Fast forward to the day before their wedding, I went up to the location to check it out. I saw they had fortunately reopened the roads and the snow was melting! There was still quite a bit of it on the roads, but I had faith they would be fine to drive the next day. And guess what? The next morning came around, and everything turned out perfect!

Everything happens for a reason

I’m convinced that the snow storm was 100% meant to be, because you can’t tell me their wedding photos didn’t turn out magical. We started the day at Rachelle and Jermaine’s hotel so that I could get a few shots of them getting ready of them. After that, they had the sweet first look right outside, and it was so much documenting them seeing each other! Once we got all of their first look photos, their closest friends and family met us at Emerald Bay Lookout where they had their ceremony. Because of the storm, they had they most beautiful snow-filled backdrop while they said their vows! It looked straight out of a winter wonderland. I really think that everything happens for a reason, and this was one of those moments. The storm was the perfect little cherry on top for their intimate Lake Tahoe wedding.

During their ceremony, Rachelle and Jermaine said the sweetest words to each other and had all of us in tears! You could tell just how much love there was between them while they shared their vows. Jermaine was smiling from ear-to-ear the entire day just from how happy he was to finally be marrying Rachelle. It was such an honor to be a part of this day with them!

Planning a Lake Tahoe wedding?

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