How to Plan a Surprise Proposal in Big Sur


Surprise proposals! I know they can be a pretty ‘love em or hate em’ thing, but I LOVE them! And I definitely love photographing them! There’s something about the anticipation, the excitement, and the overwhelming emotions that just gets me every time (I’m not crying, you are!) Are you thinking about surprising your boo with a proposal in Big Sur? Say no more. I want to help you plan the best surprise proposal possible!

Here’s the thing: A surprise proposal takes planning. They can go from romantic to headache really quick if you don’t have the right people to help. You’re in luck though, because I am a proposal planning expert, and I’m sharing alllll my tips with you today on this blog. Ready to plan? Let’s goooo!

Choose a Big Sur photographer

Pics or it didn’t happen! I mean, is it even a proposal without the photos? One of the biggest decisions to make is choosing a photographer. I recommend choosing a Big Sur photographer who has plenty of experience shooting proposals and is familiar with the area. One of the best ways to choose a photographer is by viewing their work through their website, socials, and blog. Look for positive testimonials that talk about the experience of working with that person. Once you’ve narrowed it down, inquire with them about the date you decide!

Big Sur surprise proposal

Choose a Location

Not sure where to propose in Big Sur? This is another area your photographer can come in handy, especially if you choose someone familiar with the area! Coordinate with your photog to find the perfect spot. They should have plenty of recommendations for you, whether you’re going for a beach or forest setting, or something totally different!

Big Sur surprise proposal

Coordinate with Friends & Family

Let’s be real. You probably won’t be able to pull off a surprise proposal on your own, so ask your partner’s family and friends for help! They’ll be able to give you valuable insight into your partner’s dream proposal and can even help distract them with plans on the big day. But, make sure that everyone you tell can keep your secret though! No one wants Aunt Karen accidentally letting your plans slip during Sunday dinner!

Big Sur surprise proposal

Prepping Your Partner

No, this doesn’t mean giving the secret away or even giving your partner hints about what’s going to happen! I recommend making up another event, like a couples photoshoot or fun date day, so your partner looks and feels their best for the surprise! Make sure they have their hair and/or nails done, if that’s something they’ve expressed. Ask your partner’s friends and family to take them out for a manicure or a blowout before the proposal. If you think your partner would want to dress up a certain way, ask their friends and family to give some subtle hints or take them out shopping! Then, work with them to make a game plan for getting your partner to the proposal spot without drawing too much suspicion! See? I told you friends and family are an essential part of the surprise proposal planning process!

Big Sur surprise proposal

Are you planning a surprise proposal in Big Sur, CA?

If you’re looking for a Big Sur photographer to help plan and photograph your surprise proposal, I’d love to help you! To inquire about your date, click here and I’ll get back to you ASAP! In the meantime, check out this Big Sur elopement how-to guide and this intimate, romantic Big Sur wedding for inspiration!

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